The Marneuli Food Factory is situated in the town of Marneuli – famous agricultural center of Kvemo Kartli. Due to favorable geographical location the factory is tightly connected with the raw material market, which simplifies the production cycle from the field to the jar.


The factory is supplied with raw materials by the holding’s company Marneuli Agro and local small agricultural units. This guarantees that each product put in the jar is grown on the Georgian soil. Technical capacity of the enterprise with local raw materials of high quality offers products of no alternative on the Georgian market. Each product put in the jar is grown on the Georgian soil and is 100 per cent Georgian. Therefore, M label has become a synonym of quality and healthy food in Georgia.


The Marneuli Food Factory is equipped with leading European machinery: Fenco, Niko, FAM, PETEK, Krones   – the listed machines meet highest European standards. Technical perfection of the factory along with the high quality of local raw products ensures provision of products of no alternative to the Georgian market.

The factory, equipped with European standard machinery produces up to 50 kinds of natural and tasty canned products made of Georgian raw materials.

At the expense of increased production, the 100-percent Georgian products have significantly replaced import. New technologies introduced to the enterprise in 2012 enabled the company to offer more innovations to the customers in the future. In 2013, the first export of the Marneuli Food Factory products was made to Europe. More important steps are planned for the nearest future to expand exports.

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