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Marneuli Food Factory LTD. was established in 2007 and turned into the largest food processing enterprise in the country. Marneuli Food Factory is a part of Margebeli Holding since 2009.

The factory is located in the Marneuli Municipality, Kvemo Kartli Region, within 40km distance from the Capital. The factory territory covers 49,000 m2, where warehouses and  enterprise premises take 10,000 m2.

The purpose for establishing Marneuli Food Factory was to utilize the agricultural potential of Georgia, replace import with local high quality products and supply consumers with natural and healthy food.

Our major principles are to:

  • Cover full production cycle from the field to the jar;
  • Use raw materials only of local production;
  • Implement the highest production standards in the country.

Main supplier of raw materials for the Marneuli Food Factory is a partner company Marneuli Agro, representing a holding member. Local farmers from various regions of Georgia also represent the company suppliers. The factory cooperates with over 150 farmers on a seasonal basis. Marneuli Agro, where modern technologies are being implemented on an annual basis, processes land itself and harvests yield by using modern technologies.

Marneuli Food Factory offers its consumers 100% Georgian products. The assortment includes products of up to 60 types and formats.

Major  production lines are:  

  • Tomato Paste
  • Pickles
  • Sauces
  • Sweets


Marneuli Food Factory is equipped with a modern production lines and the factory is constantly investing in modern innovative technologies.


In 2007 Italian tomato processing line - FENCO was installed and launched in the factory. It allows the enterprise to receive and process 30,000 tons of raw materials.


In 2011, a loan agreement with the European Bank of Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) was signed aiming at modernization of production processes and acquisition of required machinery.


“The EBRD is pleased to further support Margebeli’s development and help it capitalize on the huge potential of Georgia’s agriculture sector. This investment will help raise production techniques to modern standards while improving productivity,” said Paul-Henri Forestier, the EBRD’s Director for Caucasus, Moldova and Belarus.


As a result of cooperation with a German consulting company, the factory acquired and installed several production lines under the supervision of German specialists. This line allows to have the pickles production completely automated. In the course of installation and launch of the line the personnel underwent trainings delivered by German experts.


New production lines permitted the Marneuli Food Factory to expand production assortment from 200ml to 18,000 ml packaging.


Marneuli Food Factory is a holder of many diplomas and awards:


2009 – 2011 the enterprise was recognized as a distinguished brand in canning and acquired Golden Brand’s diploma.


In addition, in 2011 the factory won the nomination -Agribusiness of the Year in National Business Award Mercury 2011. 


2007 - The Factory started production of 26 types of products in 4 directions: tomato paste, jams (peach, apple, quince, plum), preserves (walnuts, quince), pickles (cucumbers, mixed vegetables);

2007 - Tomato processing Italian line FENCO was installed in the factory;

2007 - The factory received funding in the amount of 500 thousand Franks from Swiss Secretariat for Economic Affairs (SECO)

2008 - Jams in 20kg packaging got added to product assortment, for using in retail network and confectionaries.  

2009 - Pickled vegetables group got wider: red tomato pickles, cherry tomato pickles and mixed cucumbers and tomatoes were added.

2009  - The factory started production of sauces and ketchups and tomato sauces appeared in retail outlets. 

2010  -  Assortment got wider. The factory started production of green beans, red tkemali (wild plum sauce), spicy sauce, fresh tomato sauce, tangerine preserve, cornel preserve, grated cornel with sugar.

2011  - Green tkemali was added to sauces

2011  -  The company started negotiations with the European Bank for Restructuring and Development. For the purpose of developing the agriculture, Marneuli Agro and Marneuli Food Factory received loan in the amount of USD 7 million from EBRD;

2011  - Within the loan framework, given the European standards, the existing production lines got modernized which increased production capacity.

2012  - The factory increased product packaging volume from 200 ml to 18,000 ml

2012  - Production of lecho  - vegetable salad started

2013  - Marneuli Food Factory started exports from London market

2013 - Marneuli Food Factory presented its products at the most prestigious international exhibition of food and beverages of Great Britain

2013  - Gunter Bechler, the Ambassador of Switzerland to Georgia visited the enterprise

2013 – Members of the EBRD Directorate visited Marneuli Food Factory, Margebeli Farm and Marneuli Agro and positively assessed the works performed on the farm



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